Friendship Bracelet Using Cardboard Circle

Very easy cool jewelry craft for kids weaving a seven strand friendship bracelet. Since i was using white glue i spread it super thin with another piece of cardboard because i hate how paper gets all rippled when too.

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The process involves seven strands of embroidery thread tied at the end with a simple half hitch knot.

Friendship bracelet using cardboard circle. Cardboard circle bracelet diys are easy and fun. Using a cardboard loom to make friendship bracelets. Today we are showing you how to make a friendship bracelet with a cardboard loom or cardboard circle.

The cardboard loom pictured is 9 x 10. Braiding wheel friendship bracelets. A little girl from live love embroidery explains in this video how to make a circle woven friendship bracelet.

I use mid weight corrugated cardboard or chipboard. Cut out the circle then cut 8 small slits evenly spaced around the edge. Want to give your best buddy something to show them how much they mean to you.

Super easy friendship bracelet diy i went over to a friends house last week and she taught me this super fun way to make friendship bracelets. Glue the printed wheel to the thin cardboard. I recently bought a large pack of embroidery thread intending to make some of those normal knotted friendship bracelets.

Diy friendship bracelet board loom instructions free and easy friendship bracelet board loom. The knot is fed through a small hole in the center of a circle of cardboard. Diy woven friendship bracelet using a circular cardboard loom.

The strings are then individually latched through seven of eight notches located at the end of the. In this tutorial nana takes us through the knot process of making this symbol of friendship while her two adorable grandchildren look over. Woven friendship bracelet tutorial my daughter makes bracelets just like this all the time.

Very simple once practiced. Make your cardboard braiding disc trace a circle onto a piece of cardboard using a drinking glass and a pencil. First cut a small circle out of thin cardboard cereal boxes work great cut a hole in the center and eight slits around the edge.

Why not a friendship bracelet. Friendship bracelets are made through a form of macrame a textile making knotting process. From a large shoe box any heavier weight cardboard is hard to cut through and will definitely fray your weaving threads.

This is a great cardboard circle bracelet technique that i am sure you will love too. If you use embroidery floss double over the strands to make them thicker photo instructions to make a friendship bracelet step 1. Tutorial from michael ann made here.

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