Guernsey Liberation Day Celebrations

Reaction all that was all that was wonderful was a camera came out from. somewhere but we were told that Winston Churchill would give his message at 3 o’clock so we congregated English in the street in the kamisha’s the Germans were passing by and there was a radio on a windowsill one of the houses and then. Winston Churchill idea Channel Island to a different well you know we all are wonderful all got together I took a photograph which is called popular. because it was may be 8th and then may the 9th got up it was so much excitement.

In the evening you know oh I wonder who. He’s going to come what’s going to happen and then in the morning seeing the boats outside from home Joyce and I. My sister and I get up early and we just. went down to the way rich book of course. That was all barricaded Barbara and against as well and there was only very few then it was 6 o’clock and probably in the morning when we got there on. Their mom and dad was going to follow down and then we waited of course for something to happen and we got impatient. You know what’s going to happen and then gradually we saw some movement at the bottom and then all of a sudden there was we realized there were some of people coming out marching this is is it.

Then yes there they come you know and then we were all sort of there was a few more the people that arrived this was early 7 o’clock time and then somebody must have opened to gap gap for us to run out I cost you know made bond – down. The harbor and those soldiers like they couldn’t believe it I think seeing us. All run towards them and then my hats. Were off and their bayonets were down and they were all disabled and we were crying with them and laughing with them and oh it was it was just wonderful that I’ll never forget that I.

Mean it was just to see those smart man. You know and they look so I miss he’s thinking of the Germans of smelling uniforms they had and they rotted looking places and and to see those. Soldiers we just followed them follow them everywhere they went they must it was everybody that time in another hour or so everybody got into town most people that walked in the country as well and then I remember planes coming over and then there was a loud speakers put up very quickly and there was messages coming through from England.

There was the pave films must have been there very quickly and there was messages coming through to people that were here saying we’ll see you soon my love you know how’s the family thinking of you and we’ll see you soon and that was going on and then the bills down at the town church sounded and that was something else as well is oh it I can’t tell you it was just singing. Laughing everywhere till I suppose I got home about eight o’clock help our state. I don’t need a cop the biscuits and I. Orange in my hand I didn’t know what to do with it but I had it and we got home. And my mother and father I didn’t see. Them all day and we all partied there.

Were so many people but that went on the liberation really went through the week or longer longer than that month but one within a day or two this this has always stuck in my mind it was so estranged. We were watching these the big American boats coming in the old Harbor and then they opened up there that was all such. The children boys especially see these. Vehicles coming off the boat and then a man came off he had a top hat yeah an umbrella and the Audis attache case all dressed in black. Yeah about six foot six he looks seven-foot to us he’s so big and he marched walk straight least if they stopped me and it was until after he found out that he brought the whole rehabilitation papers with him from London.

He was from the one don’t London. More Museum after but they’re tickled us. Mecause they were were all scruffy. Probably in old Born shoes and cloners and nearly was so proud to come up it was that was something’s up they always remember that and course seeing everybody loving everybody all the time. Everybody loving everybody all the time so many kisses and cuddles.