How To Make A Pinata

How To Make A Pinata

Then cut out some paper mache strips using old newspapers. Im so excited guys because when you reach 100000 subscri.

How To Make A Pinata

It S Not A Fiesta Without A Pinata Stumble Abroad

How To Make A Butterfly Pinata

How to design your pinata.

How to make a pinata. Newspapers paper bags or packaging paper free recycled 1 jug of liquid starch sta flo 300 variety pack of balloons 100 role of masking tape 100 paper streamers 100 per color you need 1 bottle elmers glue 100 1 jar lid free recycled 10 piece of rope or twine free recycled note. Mix one part water with one part flour to create paste. Use the masking tape to adhere the first face of the pinata to the sides.

Fold the flap back. To make a pinata start by making a paper mache paste with flour water and salt. I know what you were thinking suzelle is it your birthday.

20 creative ways to make a pinata. Via one charming party 7. While you should stick with using a balloon or other thin item as the base of your paper mache you can add details using cardboard masking tape and other objects.

This pull style garland is made using paper cups and tissue paper. Ive reached 100000 subscribers. You will also need a towel to work on a bowl to pour starch in scissors or a knife for cutting.

The next step is to cut our newspapers into squares or rectangles about 3. The paper mache pinata directions above give directions for making a round pinata using a balloon. How to make a paper mache strawberry pinata step 1.

How to make a pinata step 1. For themediocremama to make a pinata that looks like a fish. To make your pinata you will need a few simple supplies.

Bend and fold the 2 wide paper strip to fit the perimeter of your pinata design. Once you have your paper mache paste and strips inflate a balloon and cover it with the strips of paper using the paste. Make two vertical cuts 3 inches apart and connect them with one horizontal cut at the top to create a flap.

To complete the pinata use a utility knife to cut a small trap door near the top. A balloon if you want a big pinata then use a big balloon. Dip newspaper strip into paste squeezing off excess paste.

Blow up balloon and cut newspaper into strips. To add a ton of color to your wedding photo booth or house create a wall of fringed paper. Repeat step 3 layering.

Start at the location where you would like to fill the pinata and leave a little bit of overhang at the starting edge. Add your starchsugar solution to the hot water. Via 100 layer cake 6.

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How To Make A Pinata

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