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To date this is my favorite reminiscing story. Reminiscing my fathers cars richard lentinello on feb 7th 2018.

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Reminiscing my old renault dauphine richard lentinello on nov 13th 2018.

Reminiscing i remember my dad. Talita 4th jun 2018. Remembering my dads watch and the birth of responsibility. I remember my dad picking up the buy lines press to search for a car.

Thank you for this. We looked at a 1965 buick riviera and a 66 plymouth sport fury. He used to clean and gap the spark plugs in our driveway and i would help by asking an unending stream of questions.

Thank you for the heart felt reminiscing it touched us all. Ive always had a fondness for hudsons. I hope it goes well christine thanks for your feedback.

Questions for reminiscing with dad on fathers day or any day of the year. Posted in reminiscing activities tagged family activities intellectual activities june reminiscing permalink. Sometime in 1970 it burned an exhaust valve so the search began for a new car.

I distinctly remember my dad telling him that he was now a big boy and could have a big boy watch. You dont remember the past you just remember something which of course could only have been in the past. Save download 8 comments.

Another way to engage residents and reminisce in a group setting. We sold the car to another american stationed in addis when we left. Mary 1st sep 2017 rao.

I was so jealous but looked forward to the christmas before id turn 10 but i was quite disappointed for i did. Who ensured it was well taken care of. Id say something like i think its a good opportunity to talk about the past or im here with dad reminiscing about the past or recalling bringing up some past memoriesgoing over some past times.

I remember sitting in my dads lap many times and steering the car while he handled the shifting clutch and brakes. The problem we faced with those cars was the. The first car i remember from my childhood was my dads 1954 wasp.

Ive always been enamored by life and the world of the the. I remember my dad. Do you remember any of your fathers words of wisdom.

Did he have a saying he always said. Reminiscing fathers day us canada uk fathers day australia nz 3405 79. In mens group i asked the gentleman the suggested questions and created a fathers day poster about their dads.

I remember my dad. It made me think of my dad. Encourage residents to reminisce with some questions about their own fathers or male role models.

Stories out of a hat.

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