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The significant financial support will help to develop the infrastructure for providing services to visitors to the auschwitz birkenau memorial. The agreement between the museum and the auschwitz birkenau memorial foundation for the transfer of 55 million for the project was signed in new york more.

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Auschwitz birkenau mapa. Its a digital memorial for those who fell victims for the atrocities which took place at that time and era and also for those who survived to tell the story. In all at least 11 million jews and tens of thousands of other people perished in auschwitz. This project is not intended to offend anyone.

Below the map are links to each section of the map as well. Auschwitz ii also known as birkenau was the largest of the nazi extermination centers. Auschwitz concentration camp is known worldwide as a symbol of terror genocide and the holocaust.

Memorial and museum auschwitz birkenau former german nazi concentration and extermination camp. Auschwitz played a central role in the final solution the nazi plan to murder the jews of europe. Each one of the red rectangles is a hot spot clicking on it will take you to a birkenau concentration camp photos of that location and a brief description of the site.

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The nazis deported jews from nearly every european country to the auschwitz ii birkenau killing center in occupied poland. Locations of several german concentration camps. Auschwitz iibirkenau a combined concentration and extermination camp.

By the spring of 1943 birkenau had 2 very large underground gas chambers 2 smaller above ground gas chambers and an old farmhouse called the little white house that were used for gassing the jews. The auschwitz concentration camp konzentrationslager auschwitz was a complex of over 40 concentration and extermination camps built and operated by nazi germany in occupied poland during world war ii and the holocaustit consisted of auschwitz i the main camp stammlager and administrative headquarters in oswiecim. It was the largest concentration camp in nazi germany that took lives of over 11 million people during the 1940 1945 time period.

First of all before we go in to anything we would like to make one thing very clear.

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