Candy Stripe Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Candy stripe friendship bracelet. A friendship bracelet makes a great gift for a special friend or loved one.

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Dm me if you would like to discuss secondary colors all 6 or if youd like a certain color pattern ex.

Candy stripe friendship bracelet pattern. Candy stripe friendship bracelet video. Heart pattern friendship bracelet tutorial duration. If that tutorial was confusing heres a video of the bracelet pattern too.

The fancier version of the classic candy stripe friendship bracelet. String sometimes called floss in craft stores scissors tape. When your friendship bracelet is the right length make another overhand knot.

With just a few supplies and some. I used 4 colors 1 blue 2 red 3 orange 4 yellow but you can choose anywhere from 3 8 colors. Use omegacryl yarn or embroidery floss and follow the instructions below to master the four basic knots and learn two beginner patterns candy stripe and chevron.

Flag colors school colors sports team colors etc. You can make them in the traditional chevron pattern one color per triangle or you can also mix the colors up for a very pretty and unique chevron friendship bracelet. Friendship bracelets for beginnerscandy stripe bracelet.

To finish it off you can braid the ends or string beads onto them. Well first learn one simple knot the forward knot and then well use that knot to a make a colorful 6 string friendship bracelet in the easiest beginner pattern the candy stripe. Simple six thread braided friendship cotton bracelets.

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Friendship bracelets are a nostalgic craft that never go out of style. How to make a candy stripe friendship bracelet. The easiest and most basic friendship bracelet is a candy stripe pattern.

A fairly easy bracelet that only requires 1 knot. 5 easy diy bracelet projects. Chevron friendship bracelets are gorgeous and not much harder to make.

Varying sizes and colors are definitely available. Well also learn several cool variations of this simple yet stylish and visually striking pattern. Formed by a series of knots that create a woven pattern friendship bracelets are actually a type of macrame.

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