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To change your minecraft skin on your desktop start by opening the minecraft skindex site. Creating your own customize minecraft skins3.

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Why did my skin not change.

Change my minecraft skin. Changing the skin using the built in skin chooser feature22 method 2. Find a skin you like. I uploaded a new skin.

On the computer version of minecraft your characters skin is tied to your mojang account rather than your computer or a particular worldto change it log into the official minecraft website and open the profile pagechoose whether your skin fits the original steve model or the thin armed alex model added in minecraft 18. Downloading the skin from the internet23 upload the newly downloaded skin to your profile24 log in to minecraft25 bonus method. Skin changes in minecraft version 179 and later should happen immediately.

On the top menu click on profile or click here. You can also automatic apply any skin under the skins section. Check out the minecraft skins section.

If you are playing version 13 or earlier skin changes will not be reflected in game. Use a character skin on the computer. After you settle on the skin you want click download on the right side of the page.

If you are playing version 178 or an earlier version skin changes may take up to an hour to be applied. If you like you can also make your own skin. Table of content1 a detailed guide on how to change minecraft skin2 change minecraft skin pc21 method 1.

Once on the site you can click on a skin that you would like to use for your minecraft character. Upload your skin under change how you look in minecraft go play minecraft with your new skin. Just click the remote skin.

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