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Also made my clean up easier to make the sauce in the instant pot pour it into a bowl while i added the rack cabbage rolls water and layered with sauce. When we were growing up my mom used to make polish stuffed cabbage rolls or golumpki for us a few times a year.

Instant Pot Cabbage Roll Soup

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This rendition hits the mark perfectly.

Galumpki instant pot. Golumpki golabki stuffed cabbage a rose by any other name is still a rosethat is very true with todays post which is a polish recipe for stuffed cabbage. Run the leaves under cool water then lay them out so you can assess just how many leaves you have to wrap up the filling. With a savory sauce tender chunks of chicken and lots of veggies.

I loved eating them and wished shed make. Its definitely cold weather comfort food and so much easier than traditional stuffed cabbage rolls. I put the brand names of the sauce in there because it is my personal preference and love the flavor.

If you like the traditional golumpki version you may want to reduce the amount of sauce. This keto stuffed cabbage in the instant pot is not only easy and delicious its also dairy free nut free sckc and whole 30 friendly. Lazy cooks golumpki stuffed cabbage recipe by vicki in ct.

This is the number one golumpki recipe on google and you can read on to learn how we make this classic comfort food. Easy crockpot recipe with all the great flavors of polish golumpkis. Take all the guesswork out of cooking the perfect stuffed cabbage with my super simple instant pot method.

Was worried the cup of water would over dilute the sauce but it did not. Cup instant rice i use brown 8. Next carefully cut out the center vein from the leaves so they will be easier to roll up.

These delectable pressure cooker stuffed cabbage rolls are ready to eat in minutes instead of hours. Cabbage roll casserole is a quick and easy way to enjoy all the flavors of our very popular stuffed cabbage recipe featured here on platter talk. I happen to dislike the old family recipes that are very dry.

If you like cabbage rolls youll love this easy unstuffed cabbage roll soup. Blanch the cabbage leaves in the ip pot of boiling water for 5 minutes or until pliable. Instant pot cashew chicken is a delicious version of the popular chinese dish so many of us know and love.

So many of the instant pot recipes im making right now are soups and stews like this instant pot cabbage roll soup. This recipe uses a lot of sauce. Ounces tomatoes chopped.

11 people talking join in. Full of tender rice melt in your mouth meat and a savory sauce my ridiculously easy method will forever change how you make stuffed cabbage. With over hundreds of thousands of views on our original golumpki recipe i wanted to simplify the process without losing out on any of the deliciousness of the original version.

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