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Golem is a rockground type pokemon. What is pokemon go golem weak against its weak to fighting grass ice and more type moves.

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Given that gyms can only have one of each pokemon in it and pokemon are punished for being over 3000 cp golem at just below 3000 is a fine choice as a defender.

Golem pokemon go. Golems strongest moveset is rock throw stone edge and it has a max cp of 2949. Mamoswine is one of. Pokemon lets go golem is a rock and ground type pokemon also known as a megaton pokemon first discovered in the kanto region.

Golem normal is a rock ground pokemon which evolves from graveler. It evolves from graveler. Golem has become relevant again thanks not only to the new gym system but the new raid battles as well.

It is vulnerable to water grass ground ice steel and fighting moves. However it will take less damage from and is resistant to flying fire electric and more type moves. What are the best pokemon go movesets for golem.

Golem can be used to great effect against pokemon such as skarmory bastiodon and charizard so it definitely has effective coverage against some of the tiers top threats just make sure that you have shields team mates that can cover its weaknesses and a good general knowledge base so that you can know when to run. If there is a large earthquake these pokemon will come rolling down off the mountains en masse to the foothills below. Its weak against fighting ground steel ice water grass type moves and has a max cp of 495 80 hp 120 attack 55 sp attack 130 defense 65 sp defense and 45 speed.

Golem live up on mountains.

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