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The history of bolo ties is an area of heated debate amid the world of mens fashion. The fact is men around the world have adopted the look and want to call it their own whether theyre navajo indians of the american southwest argentinean cowboys or rock and roll bad boy jon bon jovi.

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A length of thin lace like or braided material often clasped with a decorative or fanciful fastener.

History of the bolo tie. Bolos can be made using flat objects such as ladys pins coins polished stones bottle openers and refrigerator magnets. A brief history of native american bolo ties posted on june 6 2016 by kachina house 0 comments worn across the western united states since the early 1900s bolo ties began as a native american accessory before becoming the recognizable and well loved state neckwear of arizona texas and new mexico. The history of the bolo tie there are ties and there are ties and then there are bolo ties.

A brief history of the bolo tie a bolo tie or bola tie or shoestring tie is a type of necktie. Actually people from far and wide have taken on the look and established a personal liking to bolos whether navajo indians of the american southwest or rock n roll legends like bruce springsteen. One of the many problems with researching the history of the bolo tie is that they have gone by many names over the past 60 to 70 years.

Bolo tie bola tie string tie gaucho tie mono loop tie emblem lariat neck rope lariat tie cowboy tie western tie thong tie western bolo ties sport tie and more. A bolo tie is a type of necktie consisting of a piece of cord or braided leather with decorative metal tips and secured with an ornamental clasp or slide. Although sometimes erroneously thought of as finding its origin in the southern untied states the bolo tie actually comes from the american west particularly the southwestern states.

There is a bolo tie on display at a trading post in zuni pueblo new mexico said to date back that far. Cords of leather and cordage stock clips and tips are widely available from jewelry supply firms. Weve all seen them.

A recent exhibit at the heard museum in phoenix arizona entitled native american bolo ties. Vintage and contemporary generated renewed interest in bolos. The origin of the bolo tie.

The history of the bolo ties is a bit shaky in respect to the mens fashion industry even though women have been known to wear bolo ties as well.

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