How many times dump a day your life?

dump a day

Is everyone dump a day in their lives?

Everyone has the same time, 24 hours a day. Everything depends on how we use it. But not a few people who dump a day in their lives. Feeling we don’t have enough time? Or suppose we may not be as successful as other people? Maybe there could be something wrong with us in taking the time. Perhaps a lot of our time is wasted doing nothing. What are the things that can destroy our precious time? Come on, let’s see.

Here are things that can be a dump a day your lives

1. Waiting for inspiration or waiting for something to happen.

Don’t just wait for inspiration, don’t just wait for something to happen. Make it happen and inspire at the same time.

2. Worry about what people say.

If that’s advice, take it. If it’s a mockery, ignore it. Worry about ourselves who worry too much about what other people say.

3. Trying to please everyone.

Don’t waste your time doing things in vain. As long as the things you make are good and don’t hurt, just move on.

4. Comparing yourself with others.

Social comparisons are a thief of happiness. Overthinking about everything that other people have will not make us whole.

5. Thinking about the past.

Our present selves are different from the past. The past is to let go, forget what needs to be forgotten, remember what needs to be remembered, learn and take lessons from it, and do not get too caught up in thinking about it.

6. Repeating the same mistakes and solving them the same way.

Learning from mistakes prevents yourself from repeating the same mistakes. If you experience the same error, there is no need to troubleshoot anymore. Solve the problem immediately because we are actually already the know-how.

7. Perfectionists.

Be realistic about anything. Something does not exist, and nothing will be perfect. Making perfection is a waste of time. Different things with making improvements, this is done to fix defects or change conditions for the better than before. Perfectionists are more time-consuming and more tiring. Making improvements over and over again will only make us tired and even end up giving up.

One of the goals of the perfectionist is to reduce the chances of making mistakes and failing. The message is, don’t be afraid of being wrong, don’t be afraid of failure, from there we will learn from mistakes, fix them and not repeat the same mistakes.

8. Lack of priority.

We need to determine and emphasize priorities in order to be able to map the use of time optimally.

9. Fear of falling in world affairs.

Failure is part of life. If we are afraid to fail, then we are afraid to live. It’s okay if we fail in the world; there is still time to get up and fix it. Do not let us fail in the afterlife; so terrible.

10. Do not have a clear purpose in life.

When we don’t have a dream or a clear purpose in life, we are easily swayed by the many choices in life, and there is no single focus in life that really motivates our lives. If we don’t focus on big dreams or on clear life goals, it makes us easily tempted and easily bored with all kinds of life and not really “getting it done.” Maybe we can just get the experience but never feel the achievement. Therefore, don’t waste time. Create and understand a life plan so that we are able to focus on our big dreams and efforts to make them happen.

waste a time

11. Not living your own life.

We live for ourselves. But that does not mean that we have to be egocentric; after all, we are social creatures.

12. Avoid the fact that you are tired.

When tired, concentration becomes chaotic. Instead of messing up your work, take a break first. The body and brain are also human constituents, which can also be tired and need rest. Do not force it.

13. Too many breaks or breaks.

In the process of working on a task or job, you will definitely experience fatigue and need to take a short break before continuing. We need and must take a break to restore our energy and focus, but don’t be too long. Often times we are like that; the intention is to take a break for a while; it doesn’t feel like the day is running fast; the work is still like that and never finished.

14. Continuously checking notifications, refreshing social media feeds, status updates, and all forms of online distraction.

There are no restrictions for us to use social media or check email notifications. But it would be nice not to be too late scrolling through social media or constantly checking notifications. Do only what is necessary, not as you wish. At least if we want to dive into social media, first resolve the dependents. Here, we need to emphasize priorities. If annoyed by pop-up notifications, we can turn it off. Too often, indulging in social media will reduce productivity, as well as waste internet quota.

We do not like to expose our lives to the public. Of course, we like to be annoyed by other people’s feeds that reveal their lives too much. So slowly break the habit of explaining how you are and how your life is to other people because people who like you don’t need it, and people who hate you don’t believe it. The aimless use of social media is a waste of time.

15. Stick with cell phones.

Mobile phones were created to make life easier, not to be misused. Cellphones are indeed created to answer various problems at one time, not to be used to waste time. Cellphones are indeed capable of bringing people who are far away, but cellphones can also keep people who are close.

16. Too many to-do lists.

Making a to-do list really helps direct what activities need to be done on a certain day, so we can know what needs to be done today. However, too many to-do lists are very ineffective and interfere with the quality and productivity of our activities. Too many to-do lists make us too tired to imagine them, which we fear will discourage implementation. In addition, it will also cause the quality of work to be less than optimal because time is pressed to complete other targets.

Therefore, make a to-do list that is short and includes the most important activities in one day or a certain period of time. It’s okay, as long as you walk.

17. Multitasking.

Multitasking, most of us think this is great, isn’t it. But actually, multitasking or doing many things at once will not work well because our brain’s ability is limited when it comes to attention and productivity.

Our brains are not designed for multitasking abilities. Multitasking will only reduce productivity because when we shift work from one job to another, our attention will focus more on switching, not work. This will also waste time because less than optimal work results will lead to various improvements or revisions, which will actually take more time.

So, finish your assignments one by one, don’t complete many tasks at once, then the results will definitely be better. Most of the revisions are not good, right.

18. Meeting unnecessary.

If not necessary, why do you have to do it? In this case, it does not mean the meeting or meeting is not important, but if there are other alternatives that are more effective, try to consider the alternatives first. Conducting unnecessary meetings will only waste time, energy, and material. Not bad, the time can be used to do other productive things. If you feel that the meeting is unnecessary, you can convey things or discussions through chat or voice calls.

If you want a meeting or meeting to be effective and productive, then everyone must come on time, focus on the discussion, set targets, send material first so that it can be understood beforehand. The meeting did not take a long time and was completed on time according to the predetermined estimates. Thus the discussion can be conveyed and understood thoroughly, and of course, it saves time.

19. It’s too easy to confirm other people’s requests.

Maybe the goal is not to disappoint others, but if you push yourself too much to please others by saying yes to them, it will certainly make you lose yourself. In this discussion, it does not mean that it is not permissible for people’s requests to be allowed. Of course, it is permissible; helping others is a commendable act, but still do not force yourself.

If you don’t have time or are unable to help someone else, tell him honestly and explain why. It is better for you and for him. If you have time, you can offer to return to your friends to help him. But, if asked for help, don’t be too difficult.

20. Procrastinate.

Whatever the reason, delaying work is not a good thing. Postponing work actually keeps us buzzing and won’t make our lives calm. Maybe one of the reasons we put it off is because we don’t like the job.

Even if you don’t like him, work will not be finished without being done. Postponing work will make us too hasty in completing it and lead to less than optimal quality of work, and it will take up more of your time in making repairs. In order to live in peace, do not delay and pile up work.

dump a day your lives

21. An irregular environment.

The workplace, the place of study, and all other places have the right to be neat and orderly. A cluttered work environment will make it difficult for us to find something, and of course, it will take a lot of time.

22. Refuse to seek clarification.

Doing a new task is challenging. This is also an opportunity for us to show others if we can do it. However, a new assignment is new to you, and it needs a lot of information in order to be completed properly. Don’t try to solve everything by yourself. Try asking the ones who know better. Get rid of the feeling of embarrassment, reluctance, shame, let alone the ego to ask the expert as a form of clarification. Wrong, wrong, in fact, our tasks that fail, we lose time.

23. Complaining.

Everyone needs to express their “fatigue.” But no one likes a person who likes to complain. We are as alive, as tired, do not add to other people’s problems with complaints that do not bring any benefit. Instead of complaining, it would be wiser if we could offer a solution. If you feel something is not going well, try asking about what problems are going on. Who knows, we can help.

24. Gossip.

We need our attention. Don’t waste time gossiping or talking about other people’s lives. Gossiping will not make our work done just like that. Make the most of your time.

25. Doing other people’s work before completing one’s own work.

Not that it is selfish, everyone certainly has their respective duties. Your own obligations need to be completed. If you are done, please help other people’s work as much as you can and if you can. Make other people’s business easy if you also want your business to be made easy.

26. Doubt.

In making decisions, it is necessary to think about and consider, but do not also get lost in doubts. Make up your mind, or life determines it for you.

27. Criticizing others.

Do not criticize the lives of others if we also do not want to be criticized. Good and bad, we also impact ourselves.

If you don’t like someone or something, give good or constructive advice, or keep quiet. As long as you don’t be one of those “good people, shut up when something goes wrong.”

28. Closed-minded.

The world is always changing. The existence of this form of dynamism will certainly be difficult for us, and for those who are dealing with closed-minded and narrow-minded people, it will take a long time to convince us.

Open our minds before saying, don’t hate anything we don’t know. We can still learn. Try to open your mind. The mind is like a parachute that will not work if it is not opened. But keep your information filtration system active. However, the information needs to be processed first, and do not swallow it. Even though the world is always changing, history will never change.

29. Promised without realization.

In short, if you can’t make a promise, don’t make a promise.

30. Quarrel.

It is natural that different heads will have different thoughts. Agree or disagree is the right of all humans, but fighting is not a solution. Come on, and fighting is only going to make matters worse.

31. Holding a grudge.

Don’t fight, let alone grudge. Revenge is a liver disease. Life is too short, and many do good things. Do not maintain a sense of resentment. Forgive and be positive.

32. Penetrating pimples.

Besides being in vain, this is also bad for the face. Let it deflate on its own or do an acne removal treatment.

Actually, there are many more things that can waste our time. Reduce and avoid the intensity of implementing the things above. Everyone must have another opinion. So, what do you think is a dump a day?