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Troops were withdrawn from the region starting from lithuania from august 1993. Furthermore villages and towns showcase interesting snapshots of life in the baltic region.

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Twenty years later they lost their independence when they were forcibly incorporated into the soviet union following the nazi soviet pact of august 1939.

Independence day in the baltics. The sense that their giant neighbour does not truly respect their independencelet alone their membership of the eu and nato since 2004pervades baltic politics to this day. On this day in 1918 the council of lithuania unanimously adopted the act of independence a document proclaiming the nation as a sovereign democratic state with vilnius as its capital. At the beginning of the 21st century the titular nationalities of lithuania and estonia accounted for about four fifths and two thirds of the countries populations respectively while ethnic latvians made up just less than three fifths of their nations population.

February 16th the restoration of the state day and march 11th the restoration of independence day. Germany recognized the independence of the duchy of courland on march 15 1918. Out of the turmoil of war and revolution they emerged as independent nation states formally recognized as such by the soviet government in 1920.

The capital cities may provide the most as far as entertainment sights and shopping go but a trek into the countryside will mean the exploration of castle ruins enjoying a day at an open air museum or spending a revitalizing holiday by the sea. Lithuania celebrates two days of independence. Estonia and latvia were not far behind declaring independence on 30 march and 4 may respectively.

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The soviet union recognised the baltic independence on 6 september 1991. The treaty of brest litovsk of march 3 1918 ceded russian rights to the entire baltic area to germany which sought to organize puppet states in the region. Lithuania was the first to have the russian troops withdrawn from its territory in august 1993.

Of the kingdom of lithuania on march 23. The baltic republics blew a hole in the walls of the soviet state. The russian troops stayed for an additional three years as boris yeltsin linked the issue of russian minorities with troop withdrawals.

On 28 august the european community welcomed the restoration of the sovereignty and independence of the baltic states. Independence from the soviet union in 1991 allowed the baltic states to place controls on immigration and in the decade following the russian presence in baltic life diminished. Economic sanctions were applied but had no effect just like the military actions before them.

Independence and the 20th century. Soviet union recognized the independence of three baltic states on 6 september 1991. The last russian troops were withdrawn from there in august 1994.

Skrunda 1 the last russian military radar in the baltics officially suspended operations in august 1998.

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