September Equinox Spiritual Meaning

Spiritual meaning of the month of september. The september 22 equinox is a time to heal the divide.

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Astrology And Spiritual Meaning Of The Equinox September 2018

Autumn Equinox 2018 How Is The September Equinox Celebrated What

Autumnal equinox has a spiritual meaning heres what you need to know.

September equinox spiritual meaning. When you first start out trying to see or sense an aura you may find you see wavy lines around someone or a more aura colour meanings. It is a time to cross that bridge between the ego you and the higher self you and feel the connection the strength and the love that comes from knowing that we are one. This time represents a shift in the seasons and a time where the energy of the sun and moon are in complete balance.

During these two points of the year the tilt of the earth in its rotational orbit is in a straight alignment with the sun. Because this is the period of harvest. But it used to be much more than all that.

The autumn equinox is a special time of connecting with the divine which is just as important as ever today. Get your ritual idea here. The word equinox comes from latin and means equal night referring to the roughly 12 hour day and 12 hour night that occurs only on the two equinox days of the year.

Spring equinox signifies that days are getting longer after the darkness of winter while autumn equinox represents the days getting shorter as we prepare for winter ahead. Spiritual significance this cycle of the earth around the sun spiritually symbolises light and darkness and and death. The autumn equinox arrives at 954 pm on saturday september 22 2018 officially marking the beginning of fall in the northern hemisphere and the start of spring in the southern hemisphere.

On the other hand this shift of energies augers in spiritual energy from the heavens giving us a boost of psychic energy to work with. Spiritual significance of the spring and autumn equinox. The colour of your aura is determined by your emotions physical surroundings your spiritual work and items in the room.

But the autumn equinox also brings positive things into our life. Equinoxes happen every year on approximately march 20 th and september 21 nd when the suns rays shine directly on the equator. Theres a lot to be said about the spiritual meaning behind the the fall equinox.

It is also a period a gratitude for the blessings you faced in the warmer seasons. Meaning that in this period you can draw a line and figure out how productive you were all spring and summer. The autumn equinox also known as the fall equinox is the time in the earths annual cycle around the sun in which day and night are equal in length before night takes over and brings the coming winter a time of darkness and death.

The focus in the month of september should be placed on finishing those uncompleted tasks rectifying and improving your current situation. Hence there will be more darkness and light. The spiritual meaning of the autumn equinox.

For themediocremama crystals can magnify or change the colours of an aura. The equinox falls on september 22nd when the hours of light and dark are the same. In fact fall being marked by the autumn equinox was known as the holiday of mabon in the pagan calendar.

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