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In the novels dawn is a greatsword similar to ice which ser arthur wields with both hands whereas in the show it is portrayed as a longsword wielded alongside a second blade in the off hand. Dawn is the ancestral sword of house dayne.

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By customs of house dayne only the most puissant warrior of the family can wield the sword and be referred to as the sword of the morning.

Ser arthur dayne sword dawn. Ser arthur dayne known as the sword of the morning was a famed and legendary knight from house dayne and a member of aerys ii targaryens kingsguard. During the reign of the mad king ser arthur dayne of the kingsguard bore dawn. The swords bearer is a knight of the family who bears the title of the sword of the morning.

Ned stark picks it up and slashes dayne finishing him off. He was sent to deal with the kingswood brotherhood and subsequently killed the smiling knight in a duel. There is no mentioning in the novels that arthur has ever used a second sword alongside dawn.

Lord eddard stark returned the sword to starfall after the coronation of. How ser arthur daynes sword links jon snow azor ahai. Ser arthurs and ser gerolds entries in the book of brothers.

Only a knight of house dayne who is deemed worthy can wield dawn and the sword of the morning is envied throughout the seven kingdoms. After howland reed stabs the sword of the morning ser arthur dayne in the back outside the tower of joy dayne drops his famous sword dawn. Ser arthur was the second son of beric dayne lord of starfallas the wielder of the sword dawn which had been forged from the metal of a fallen star he bore the title of the sword of the morning.

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What happened to ser arthur daynes sword dawn after ned brought it back to ashara. The last known user of the sword was ser arthur dayne a chivalrous knight in the kingsguard of aerys ii targaryen. Many considered him to have been the most chivalrous warrior of the seven kingdoms2 in the television adaptation game of thrones he is portrayed by luke roberts during a flashback in season 6.

Dawn remains at starfall until another sword of the morning shall arise.

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Mourning Ser Arthur Dayne I Can T Possibly Be Wrong All The Time